Dreamland is currently seeking a new permanent home but is hosting pop-up shows in other venues all around Buffalo. We work with artists/performers who align with our mission.

Due to a wonderful amount of venues throughout the City of Buffalo (both underground and major); Dreamland tries to cater to a specific range of sounds that would have difficulty finding an audience elsewhere.

Examples of things we like:

  • Noise
  • Synthpop
  • Industrial
  • Classical
  • Weirdo HipHop
  • Free Jazz
  • Experimental
  • Psychedelica
  • Post-punk
  • Neo-folk
  • Ambient
  • Doom
  • Blackened Metal
  • Ethereal R+B
  • Shoegaze

Dreamland asks for $60 per show, paid in advance plus. Touring acts don’t need to worry about paying in advance, the space fee can come from the door donations instead. Fill out the following form to start the conversation!

Request a Show

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Sending along the best quality recording that you have helps tremendously–even practice recordings. Youtube, Soundcloud, Dropbox link, etc. 3-5 samples/full songs are ideal.

If you're a touring group and your schedule is limited, make sure to specify the dates you're passing through Buffalo. Keep in mind Dreamland is often fully booked a month or two in advance. Also specify if you need any equipment (drum kit, PA, etc).

Dreamland caters primarily to post-modern or post-post-modern art in all mediums. We are fond of new artists that have never shown publicly and seasoned artists that are looking to branch out from their usual repertoire. If you are interested in showing your work in a solo show, please fill out the following form. If you are organizing a group show, list the artists and their individual works. Each show runs for 3 weeks beginning with an opening reception coinciding with First Fridays.

Gallery viewings can be scheduled by private appointment.

Dreamland charges $75 per solo show plus 20% of artwork sales.
For shows featuring 3 or more artists, we ask for $20 per artist plus 20% of artwork sales.

Request a Show

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If a group show.

A link to your portfolio or a Dropbox link to images are fine. Ideally at least 5 samples of work. Youtube or vimeo links also work for video artists.

Dreamland's Gallery is often booked months in advance. Please detail any restrictions you have (if applicable) on the date of show after taking a look at the schedule as the Gallery is definitely not available for those weeks.

Dreamland can also host your workshop, fundraiser, queer-comic club and meet-up, etc. Fill out the following form and let us know what you’re thinking!

Request an Event

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To make sure that our space can potentially handle the size of your group.

Let us know the nature of your event, any scheduling requirements, and if this event is the sort of thing you'd like to book at Dreamland on a recurring basis (club meetings, support groups, etc).