The Collective

Dreamland is run by a collective of artists, musicians, and performers in the Buffalo, NY area. If you are interested in volunteering your time, energy, ideas, etc to developing DIY Art spaces in Buffalo, please Contact Us and we’ll get you involved!

Dreamland Collective Members


Dana Mcknight

Arts & Performance Director

The initial creator of Dreamland; Dana is a multimedia artist with a background in cultural anthropology, sculpture, installation and performance. Her writing has appeared in several publications. She knows enough of three languages to create a fake one.

Current Projects:
RIQSE, Orcsmear, Bad Signal, Sex Fiends

Michael Berdine


Classically trained in Oil Painting with a flair for the archaic and the conceptual; Michael is a master at hanging really big paintings and space upkeep. It is a known fact that he is actually a Sicilian grandmother.

Current Projects:
Burchfield-Penney Archives, Solo Painting

Seth Girod

Organizational Director

An improvisational violinist with a strong background in Sociology, Queer Sexual Education and group facilitation. A libra with a heart of gold, Seth enjoys gaming, Klezmer and eyeliner.

Current Projects:
Ahavaraba, Orcsmear, RIQSE, Solo and group music projects

Brian Dickenson

Vice President

Found Object Assembler and Master Screen-Printer; Brian's interests lie in the ritual of decay. Brian is also a reformed vegetarian of 15+ years and has an iguana named Ragnor that is larger than a small dog.

Current Projects:
Solo screen and assemblage work